Off Beat Media was set up by Jolyon Jenkins, who worked as a documentary radio and podcast producer at the BBC for 30 years, garnering critical acclaim for many of his shows. As well as his long-running series Out of the Ordinary, he helped develop The Patch, in which a single producer visits a randomly-generated postcode somewhere in the UK to find a story. He also produced and presented the contemporary history series In Living Memory, and many others too numerous to mention

His work is driven by a strong sense of narrative and exploration, as well as wit and intelligence and a sense of adventure.

At Off Beat Media, Jenkins now works with broadcasters and podcasters to create compelling and engaging content.

“Jolyon Jenkins is the go-to-guy for those quirky subjects which require intelligence and chutzpah in equal measure. Having a voice that blends earnestness with wry scepticism is an added bonus.” Glasgow Herald 

“Jenkins is an unusual broadcaster, doing first-rate documentaries, always with a sharp eye for a good story.” Gillian Reynolds, Daily Telegraph

“Jolyon Jenkins makes some of the most original documentaries on Radio 4” – Simon O’Hagan, Radio Times